Medical Administration Training

Although a Masterís degree is preferred for many medical administration jobs, lately, several bachelorsí programs are being offered which by themselves can fetch entry level jobs in the field. There are many universities that offer joint degrees that include both a bachelorís and masterís degree up on completion. Most bachelors programs seek to provide a firm grounding in basic management by offering modules on health care marketing, law, policy making and finance.

Masterís degree programs

A masterís degree in health care management is generally seen as the highest level of taught education in the field. The two most commonly pursued masterís degrees in the subject include the Masterís degree in health care management and Masterís in public health. There are jobs within medical administration that may require more specialized degrees in the field of business management or hospital management. Many good mastersí programs in health care management include internship opportunities that provide students with valuable experience before they graduate.

Universities offering these programs

Bachelorís courses in medical administration are offered by several universities around the United States including Drexel University, Auburn University, California State University, New York University, University of Connecticut, Texas A & M university, Winthrop University and University of Wisconsin. A considerably greater number of universities offer a Masterís degree in health care management. Included in this list of universities are some of the most renowned universities in the country like Johns Hopkins University, Yale University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Carnegie Melon University, University of Pennsylvania, Rush University and Georgetown University. Apart from these universities, most universities that have bachelorís level degrees in health care management generally tend to have mastersí programs as well.

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Associated degrees

As mentioned earlier, many students of health care administration choose to do master degrees in business management or public health. Their choice of modules and subjects will depend on the type of career they wish to establish for themselves. Typically, those seeking to find employment in epidemiology and biostatistics related fields of health care administration, choose to do a masterís degree in Public health and those looking as more specialized management roles choose subjects with a business background. The unique aspect of medical administration programs is that they are not just open to doctors. Although several doctors choose to study these courses, a large number of students in these courses come from non-medical backgrounds.

Postgraduate fellowships

Fellowships are offered by the American College for Healthcare Executives for eligible candidates. Fellowships are generally offered to the brightest of students in the field by teaching hospitals and universities. Health care administration fellowships are generally for one year and provide great opportunities for upcoming medical administrators to get valuable real time exposure to the profession. A postgraduate fellowship not only adds tremendous value to oneís CV but also helps improve personal networking by providing the chance to work with many senior level administrators. The ACHE website contains a list of postgraduate fellowships offered state wise with the eligibility requirements and other important details.

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