Medical Administration Salary

A graduate of medical administration may seek employment either in hospitals or outside hospitals. Although more opportunities are opening up to work outside of the hospital setting, salaries for healthcare administrators and managers working within hospitals seem considerable more than those working outside. In 2008, it was found that, on an average a healthcare administrator working in medical and surgical hospital settings earned $87,040 per annum.

Salary variations amongst different specialty practices

Amongst those medical administrators working with specialty doctors, the salary differs from specialty to specialty. In 2009, a report published by the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management stated that those medical managers that worked with gastroenterologists earned an annual pay of $54,314; those working with cardiologists earned $58,889; those with pediatricians earned 51,466; those with dermatologists earned $54,201 and so on.

Salaries of medical administrators working outside hospitals

As mentioned earlier, it was found that health care administrators who worked outside of a hospital setting earned lower than their in-hospital counterparts. Even so, the profession is still lucrative at an average of $74,130 for health care managers and administrators at outpatient centers; $74,060 for those at offices of doctors; $71,450 for those at home health care services and $71,190 for those at nursing care facilities.

Overall salary

In the year 2008, the Occupational employment Statistics Survey established that the average yearly pay for a medical administrator in the US was $82,240 with the median half of the health care administrators earning between $62,170 and $104,120. The salary, expectedly, is known to increase with experience. Of all the medical administrators included in this survey, the 10% at the bottom earned $48,300 and the top 10% earned $137,800. Clearly, a career in health care administration is not only fulfilling, but also very lucrative.

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Medical administrators in other organizations

Although conventionally, hospitals, private offices of doctors, outpatient centers, nursing care facilities and home health care organizations employ more medical administrators than other organizations, a portion of medical administrators do find jobs in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electro-medical instruments manufacturing, research & development for healthcare companies and medical electronics companies. The Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) from the Unites states Bureau of Labor Statics show that these “unconventional industries”, so to speak, pay health care administrators more than hospitals and other health care organizations. The average annual salary for health care administrators in these organizations is found to be between $156,050 and $133,020.

The highest paying locations

Findings from the OES report have established that for health care administrators and managers, the top paying states (in decreasing order) are Washington, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey and New York with Washington paying about $109,460 and New York paying $105,670 on a yearly basis. Amongst metropolitan areas in the Unites States, the same report has found that Salinas, California, is the highest paying location for medical administrators at $132,650. Other Metropolitan areas in the top five include San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California; Lawrence-Methuen-Salem; Burlington-South Burlington, Vermont and Seattle-Bellevue-Everett in the Washington Metropolitan Division.

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