Medical Administration Certifications

Universities certified by the Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration (AUPHA) are generally seen as being the best in the country and indeed the world for medical administration and management. A detailed list of all AUPHA accredited courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate, is available on the AUPHA websites. In total over five hundred universities and colleges from across the world have AUPHA accredited courses in health care administration. There are several opportunities that present themselves to students studying medical administration at one of AUPHA’s accredited schools. There are scholarships and fellowships available for students in AUPHA universities the details for which are posted on the AUPHA website.

Nursing Care Management

Most vocations within health care administration do not require any kind of compulsory licensure or certification. However, a career in nursing home administration does require certification through passing an exam in order to gain employment in the profession. This particular certification exam is conducted by an organization called the National Association of Long Term Care Association Boards. This organization also provides state level certification to successful applicants. It is important for license holders to note that this certification needs to be renewed and in order to do so a specified number of Continuing Education Units (CEU) will need to be earned.

American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management

The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management or AAHAM is a professional organization based in the United States that provides education and relevant training in the field of medical administration. The AAHAM also runs a certification program that is well recognized nationally and provides great networking opportunities to its members. Membership is open to both students and professionals in the field of health care administration. The membership fee for professionals is $175 whereas for students it is subsidized at just $50. The AAHAM is responsible for conducting several meetings, conferences, seminars and publications in the field of medical administration.

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Practice Management Institute

The Practice Management Institute (PMI) is another organization that offers certification to medical administrative professionals aimed at enhancing their leadership and managerial capabilities. Certification is offered through an examination that is monitored by the same organization. A PMI certification would indicate that high levels of proficiency in the field and is seen as a mark of quality in health care administrators.

Benefits of certification and membership with a professional organization

Although certification in medical administration is not compulsory to gain employment, many employers are known to give preference to certified health care administrators and managers. Besides the benefits that certification can bring by improving job prospects, membership of a professional organization will also provide them with several opportunities. Regular meetings and seminars are conducted by these organizations help in continued self-development and help keep the professional up to date about all the latest developments in the field. Also, those looking to study further, be it students or professionals, may find useful studentships and fellowships through these professional organizations that would otherwise be hard to get. For those looking to establish a career in nursing home administration, certification is compulsory in order to find a job.

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